5 Moms Who Will Change the Way You See Autism

Feeling alone in your autism journey? These 5 mamas have your back

By Macaroni KID April 16, 2024

If you're navigating the parenting journey with an autistic child, social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok can be more than just entertainment. They can be community. These platforms offer more than dance challenges and food hacks—they provide a space for connection, shared experiences, and a wealth of understanding and support. Even if you don't have a child with autism, these accounts offer valuable insights into the daily triumphs and challenges faced by these families.

April is Autism Awareness Month, a great time to embrace and learn more about the autism community. 

Here are five of our favorite inspiring mamas to follow who frequently post about autism and how it affects their families:


This account stands out for its honest reflection on the emotional rollercoaster of parenting an autistic child. From initial diagnosis to prepping the perfect outfit for school meetings, she shares her personal experiences with humor and sincerity, making her relatable to many of us.

@autismmamascrew IEP went very well! Thanks to Brody’s current teacher! 🙌🏽😭 He’ll be at a new school next year so I’ve been super nervous. Also, make sure y’all look presentable at these meetings 😭🫶🏽 #autismawareness #autism #earlysignsofautism #bekind #autisme #autisme #pathwaytoasd #specialneedsfamily #parentingautism #autismacceptance #autismtiktok #autismmom #specialneedsmoms #specialneedsmomlife #autistickidsoftiktok #autismkid #autismfamily✔️ #autismfamily #autistickid ♬ original sound - Autism Mama’s Crew


This Swedish mom’s account is a heartfelt chronicle of her family's life with autism. She shares everything from early signs of autism in her son to their day-to-day challenges and breakthrough moments, like the unforgettable first time her son gave her a kiss. Her posts are a mix of personal milestones and advocacy for autism awareness, making her account a must-follow for anyone looking to understand the spectrum of autism experiences.

@happy_ville #autismawareness #speacialneedsparenting #autismlove #autismjourney #parentingjourney #firstkiss #familylove #milestonemoments #parentingwins #neurodiversity #unconditionallove #nonverbalautism #purelove #foryoupageofficiall ♬ I Get to Love You - Acoustic - Mysha Didi


Oscar's mom uses her platform to raise awareness and share the raw truths of raising an autistic child. She doesn’t shy away from admitting the hardships, but her overwhelming message is one of love and discovery, appreciating every little moment and learning from her son's unique perspective on the world.

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This mom balances the serious and lighter sides of autism parenting. She advocates for embracing autistic children's special interests as a way to build trust and foster development. Her posts are a beautiful blend of personal anecdotes and practical advice, celebrated through stories of her son’s joys and achievements. 

Discover the story behind the special Christmas gift that brought her son immense joy — a simple 'Caution: Wet Floor' sign:

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Nicole offers a glimpse into her life with Gabe, a teenager with nonspeaking autism who communicates his joy and frustrations through expressive alternatives like dancing. Her videos showcase the vibrant, joyful aspects of autism and highlight how communication extends beyond words.

@nicolegottesmann1 Dancing the night away! #autism #dance #spin #autismacceptance #autismawareness #myrtlebeach #nonverbal #nonspeaking #autismawarenessmonth @nicolegottesmann ♬ original sound - nicolegottesmann

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